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Welcome to the Tusco Long Riders, a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) shooting club based in Midvale, Ohio.  Over the past 40 years, tens of thousands of regular folks started off being simply curious about Single Action Shooting, or Cowboy Action Shooting, before getting involved.  Some folks went on to become national and international champion competitors.

Other folks simply enjoy the camaraderie with cowboys and cowgirls and wearing the romantic period clothing of the 1870's through 1890's.  Some come dressed as pioneers from the east headed west to settle new lands and start a new life after the Civil War.  Others are trail wranglers, trail bosses, cooks or scouts on the cattle drives through Indian Territory.  We have lawmen and outlaws, store keepers, saloon gals and gamblers, cattle barons and baronesses, politicians and Western "B" movie costumes.  The list goes on, BUT

 A pair of jeans and a cowboy hat will get you a pass through our gate.  One does not need a special security Pass Code, so don't let the lack of costuming and fire power be an excuse to stop you from coming out and having fun.

The rest of us folks, that fall in between re-enactor to champion competitor, love to shoot period firearms in friendly competition while doing all the above.  There's something for everyone in Cowboy Action Shooting.  One can just about make it anything you want for your own personal enjoyment.

 There's something for everyone in Cowboy Action Shooting!


We have talked about picking an alias name, but here are some things to consider when signing up for SASS.  Every SASS member is required to select a shooting alias representative of a character or profession from the Old West or Western Film genre.  Your alias may not in anyway duplicate or easily be confused with any other member's alias

 The following guideline should help you in choosing an alias:

  • Your alias must be printable and verbalized before a larger audience and young folk, so profanely questionable sounding or printable names are probably not acceptable.
  • No duplications are permitted.  If it sounds the same, it is the same.
  • Adding "too", "II", etc., is not acceptable.
  • "Ranger" could become "Texas Ranger" but not "The Ranger".
  • "John Henry Chisum" could be modified to "Jack Chisum", but not "John H. Chisum", or Jon Henry Chisum".
  • Historical names may not be modified to make them different.  "Wyatt Earp" and "Marshall Wyatt Earp" are considered the same.

 The SASS Alias Registry changes daily.  http://www.sassnet.com/AliasLookup.php  Feel free to search the current alias list, then telephone or fax the SASS office to confirm the availability of your alias choice.  Be creative and good luck!

 Old West Firearms:

 Cowboy Action Shooting is a multi-faceted shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West between 1866 to 1899.

  • Single Action Revolvers
  • Pistol Caliber Lever Action Rifles and
  • Old time shotguns

 The shooting competition is staged in a unique, characterized, "Old West" style.  It is a timed sport in which shooters compete for prestige on a course of different shooting stages.  Each scenario, as they are called, feature an array of situations, many based on famous incidents from movie scenes, in which the shooter must test their mettle against steel targets.

 Spirit of the Game:

Remember our TV and Big Screen movie cowboy heroes?  Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, John Wayne, Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty, Gene Autry, Lone Ranger and Tonto.  The many heroes in the past have taught us many important lessons in the ways of the Cowboy Spirit and Cowboy Code of Ethics that seem displaced in modern society.

 As the game of Cowboy Action Shooting has evolved, our members have developed and adopted an attitude towards their participation called "The Spirit of the Game."  It is a code by which we live.  Competing in "The Spirit of the Game" means you fully participate in what the competition asks.  You try your best to dress the part, use the appropriate competition tools and respect the traditions of the Old West.  Some folks would call it nothing more than good sportsmanship.  We call it "Spirit of the Game".


**Courtesy of: Tulsey Town Cattlemen's Association