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Tusco Long Riders News

March 2016 Edition of the Cowboy Chronicle

Check out pages 14-19 of the March Edition of the SASS Cowboy Chronicle.

High Noon at Tusco 2015 is featured!


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Our Celebrity - Stone Creek Drifter



2015 SASS World Championship: End of Trail Results

Clementine Valentine - World Champion Lady Gunfighter

Boaz - World Champion Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

Lassiter - World Champion Senior Gunfighter

Smokin Iron - World Champion Silver Senior Duelist

Honey B. Quick - World Champion Lady Senior

Stone Creek Drifter - 2nd Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Cheyenne Culpepper - 2nd Gunfighter

Great Job all.. Tusco is very proud of all of you!!


June 2015 Edition of the Cowboy Chronicle

Check out pages 34-37 of the June Edition of the SASS Cowboy Chronicle.

High Noon at Tusco 2014 is featured!


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SASS' Ohio State Championships Results

Congrats to our friends who shot at SASS' Ohio State Championship.

Maverick - 3rd B-Western, Running Iron Rudy - 2nd Buckaroo, Darby - 1st Cattle Baron - State Champ

Billy Badazz - 3rd Cowboy - State Champ, Dewey Shootem - 5th Cowboy, Blastin Brad - 6th Cowboy

Loco Leadslinger - 1st Classic Cowboy - State Champ, Sage Chick - 1st Cowgirl - State and Overall Ladies Champ

Rimfire Randi - 3rd Cowgirl, Fowl Lady - 6th Cowgirl, Moosetracks - 5th Duelist, Krazy Thom - 7th Duelist

Chigger - 3rd Elderstateman, Ohio Cheatin Charlie - 1st Frontierman - State Champ, Mad Dog Max - 3rd Frontier Cartridge

Stone Creek Drifter - 1st Frontier Cartridge Duelist - State Champ, Ruger Ray - 2nd Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Captain Henry - 4th Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, Doc Eells - 1st Gunfighter - State Champ

Cheyenne Culpepper - 2nd Gunfighter, Buckaroo Bubba - 4th Gunfighter, Lady Lopez - 1st Lady 49er's

Blue Hare - 1st Lady Duelist - State Champ, Ani Two Feathers - 2nd Lady Senior

Clementine Valentine - 1st Lady Gunfighter - State Champ, Luscious Liza - 6th Lady Wrangler

Rowdy Bishop - 2nd Senior - State Champ, Six Gun Seamus - 9th Senior, Ole Rattlesnake - 5th Senior Duelist

Lassiter - 1st Senior Gunfighter - State Champ, Cripple Creek Kid - 3rd Senior Gunfighter,

R.S. Dancer - 9th Senior Gunfighter, Ole Saddlebags - 5th Silver Senior, Gray Hare - 3rd Wrangler - State Champ

Longshot Seth - 1st Young Gun - State Champ, Two Bit Drifter - 2nd 49er - State and Overall Men's Champ



Tusco Rifle Club Friends of NRA Banquet

Please check out the flyer for the Friends of NRA Banquet hosted by the Tusco Rifle Club.

If you can support this great cause for a great club and the NRA.

Flyer Page 1

Flyer Page 2


2015 SASS' Winter Range - National Championship

Congrats to our friends who shot at SASS' Winter Range the National Championship. 1st Gunfighter - Cheyenne Culpepper, 2nd Gunfighter - Doc Eells, 8th Gunfighter - John Barleycorn, 1st Senior Gunfighter - Lassiter, 3rd Senior Gunfighter - Cripple Creek Kid, 1st Ladies FC - Honey B. Quick, 1st Senior Duelist - Smokin Iron, 2nd Cattlebaron - Darby, 3rd Ladies Gunfighter - BDOC, 1st FC Duelist - Stone Creek Drifter, 14th Wrangler - Gray Squirrel. You all did great! Way to represent Ohio and PA!


Sunbury Newspaper Article on Sage Chick

The Sunbury Newspaper recently had a nice article about Sage Chick.

Check out the Article


Vaughan's Custom Made Sport Wear on FOX 8 News

Tusco Member Rowdy Red Tailor who owns Vaughan's Custom Made Sport Wear had his

Leather Shop featured on Fox 8 News. Check out the Video


February 2014 Edition of the Cowboy Chronicle

Check out pages 18-21 of the February Edition of the SASS Cowboy Chronicle.

High Noon at Tusco 2013 is featured!


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Congratulations Sage Chick - SASS Scholarship

The November Issue of the Cowboy Chronicle features Sage Chick receiving a SASS Scholarship.

Check out the article here SASS Cowboy Chronicle November


Stone Creek Drifter on the Cover of the Cowboy Chronicle

The September issue of the SASS Cowboy Chronicle features our very own Stone Creek Drifter!

Ask him for a free autograph!

Check out the cover here SASS Cowboy Chronicle September Issue


Tusco is proud of you Sage Chick

SASS is honoring this year's World Champions on their website.



Kame's Sports at the Stark County Fair

Kame's Sports will have a booth at the Stark County Fair. They will be in the Exhibition Hall.

The Fair is August 27th thru September 2nd at the Stark County Fairgrounds.

Stop by and thank them for all of the support they have shown us.


New SASS Regulator - Shenango Joe

Congratulations to Tusco Long Riders member Shenango Joe.

He is one of the newest SASS Regulators.

If you don't know what a SASS Regulator is, here is the definition from the SASS Website:

Regulators are those folks who work above and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of SASS and their affiliated club(s). Their services are worth more than SASS or their club could ever pay. They personify the Cowboy Way and provide an excellent role model for

Potential Regulators are nominated by SASS members or officials. It should be clear in the nomination letter, this nomination is a consensus opinion, not just the feelings of a single individual. Recommendations are received by the Wild Bunch for consideration. Successful candidates are recognized at END of TRAIL with public acknowledgment of their contributions and presentation of the unique, personalized Regulator Badge.
A Regulator does not have to be a life member or club officer. To nominate a Regulator, please send a detailed recommendation letter to Hipshot at the SASS Office. Include as many signatures as possible.



2013 SASS World Championship: End of Trail Results

Rowdy Bishop - 12th in 49ers

Honey B. Quick - 1st in Ladies Frontier Cartridge

Lassiter - 1st in Senior Gunfighter

Smokin Iron - 1st in Silver Senior Duelist

Stone Creek Drifter - 4th in Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Split Rail - 3rd in Frontiersman

Fowl Lady - 19th in Ladies 49ers

and last but not least... Sage Chick - 1st in Cowgirl and Women's World Champion!!

Great Job all.. Tusco is very proud of all of you!!


Sage Chick, Rowdy Bishop & Fowl Lady

in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has an article from End of Trail. It included a segment about

Sage Chick, Rowdy Bishop and Fowl Lady.

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June 2013 Edition of the Cowboy Chronicle

Check out pages 67 & 69 of the June Edition of the SASS Cowboy Chronicle.

Thank you to Kame's for letting us spend the day in their store.


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Tusco Long Riders Represented at the NRA Convention

Six Gun Seamus and his wife Cayenne Kay helped out with the SASS Booth at the

NRA Convention in Houston, Texas.


From Left to Right: Standing: Misty Moonshine, Six Gun Seamus, Cayenne Kay.

Seated: Judge Roy Bean, General U.S. Grant, and Justice Lily Kate



Congrats to our friends who shot at the Georgia State Shoot

A big congratulations to Stone Creek Drifter, Split Rail and Cheyenne "Purdy Boy" Culpepper.

They all took 1st place in their respective categories at the Georgia State Shoot!


More New Stage Props at Tusco

Thank you Moosetracks - We now have new stage props for all 5 stages!

Our newest additions are the Tusco Jail and Tusco Mine Carts


April 2013 Edition of the Cowboy Chronicle

Check out pages 60-61 of the April Edition of the SASS Cowboy Chronicle.

You may recognize a few people!


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New Stage Props at Tusco

Thank you Moosetracks - Stay Tuned there are more to come!


2013 SASS Winter Range Results (NE Ohio Shooters)

Split Rail SASS Frontiersman National Champion for 3 consecutive year!

Stone Creek Drifter 2nd in Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Lassiter 2nd in Senior Gunfighter

Cripple Creek Kid 5th in Senior Gunfighter

Honey B. Quick 2nd in Ladies Frontier Cartridge

Smokin Iron 5th in Senior Duelist

Cheyenne Culpepper 4th in Gunfighter